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We have been active in the Airbus family spare parts since 2004. The majority of our Airbus stock is traceable back to Midway Airlines, USA. This combined with the in-depth knowledge of our dedicated and experienced team at Total Aviation Ltd. A/S provides an excellent market option for customers looking for Airbus spare parts support.


  • Sale and exchange of rotables (all ATA-Chapters)
  • Loan/lease of rotables (all ATA-Chapters)
  • Sale of expendables (all ATA-Chapters)
  • Sale of tooling and Ground Support Equipment.
  • Competitive pricing and on-time delivery.
  • AOG SERVICE 24/7/365 available for Airlines/MROs
  • Sourcing of spare parts through our worldwide end-user network.

Examples of spare parts for Airbus family:

  • Rotables; serialized parts.
  • Avionics; various instruments, SSFDR, FDR, CVR, computers etc.
  • Engine parts for CFM56 and V2500 series.
  • Airbus airframe parts; structural parts, ducts etc.
  • Vendor parts; filters, lamps, igniters, hoses etc.
  • Airbus hardware.